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The control room contains a Studer Custom Series Analog Console for tracking and stem mixing together with a Nucleus controller for fader automation and hands on working. The main monitors are JBL. There are also Nearfield monitors like Neumann KH120, Auratone 5c and for sure the good old Yamaha NS 10.

In our outboard racks you can find a wide selection of classic analogue equipment. Compressors like Urei 1176/1178, Pre-Amps like the LA610, Focusrite ISA110´s, Amek, API and Neve, as well a lot of analog Effects from Roland, EMT, Dynacord or Yamaha.

Recordings are made with a 12-Core Mac pro, fully packed with UAD, Waves, Soundtoys, Softube, Sony Oxford and many othter Plug-Ins on Pro Tools or Logic X.

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